Health and Safety

The University places great importance on the health, safety and wellbeing of all students, staff and visitors. Consequently the Faculty has prepared a Health and Safety Handbook for Students which is available to download. However you may also familiarise yourself with the Faculty’s fire evacuation, first aid provision and reporting of accidents information by reviewing the sections below.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

Icon - Fire Alarm

On hearing the fire alarm:

  1. Leave the building by following the evacuation notices, in a calm and quiet manner.
  2. Do not use lifts.
  3. Move away from the building and congregate in the appropriate assembly points.
  4. Do not return to building until indicated to do so by authorised fire wardens.

Icon - Fire

On discovering a fire:

  • Sound the alarm
  • Dial 9 999.
  • Leave building as directed above.

Icon - First Aid

First Aid

First aid qualified staff are available in all buildings on campus, First Aid signs are located on every floor, identifying staff and their location. In the event of requiring a first aid officer, either contact them directly from the details on the notice or dial (48) 2100 to notify Gatehouse, who will contact the First Aid officer.

Icon - Accidents

Reporting of accidents

If you experience an accident whilst on campus, please report the accident to the Health and Safety coordinator for the Faculty, on the day the accident has occured. The Reception staff will be able to direct you to the appropriate Health & Safety Coordinator.

All individuals who may have a physical, mental or sensory impairment, please visit the University’s Health and Safety page for information about emergency procedures.