Sandwich Work Placements

Work placements

Sandwich work placements are paid periods of quality related work experience for undergraduate degree students from the Faculty of Business and Society. Placements take place after the second year of study and before the final year. They last for at least 30 weeks but can be as long as a year and you will be paid between £12,000 and £24,000 depending on the company and its location.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the Faculty of Business and Society placements are available in a variety of sectors, so the positions on offer are varied. You could work in local, national or international organisations in the UK or abroad.

Benefits of doing a sandwich work placement

Employers want experienced employees. As they are likely to have been in full time education for many years, graduates may lack this much-valued experience. This is where we come in – we encourage and enable students to gain good quality, relevant work experience. But it’s not just about experience – it’s about developing skills and appreciating the relevance of theory to practice.

Sandwich work placements are also a good way of experiencing work in your chosen area before you graduate helping you to make the right decisions when applying for jobs after completing your degree – not only that but you will get paid for your work. You are also more likely to improve your final year grades – a high proportion of our placement students go on to achieve first class honours degrees.

A sandwich placement is a chance to prove yourself and demonstrate to an employer that you have the necessary skills to do the job. If a vacancy is there, an employer is more likely to fill it with someone they know and trust.

Download our Student Guide to Sandwich Work Placements. This will give you an insight into the benefits of a sandwich placement and the opportunities available to you as a University of South Wales FBS student.

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If you’re interested in undertaking a sandwich work placement and would like to explore the options that are available to you, please contact:

Julie Gould
Work Placement Adviser – Faculty of Business and Society
Careers and Employability
Treforest Campus, Room H10
Tel: 01443 482323 Email: